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Birchwood Technologies
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What is the
Tru Temp® Black Oxide System?

Utilizing a unique patented two-stage oxidation process, Tru Temp® Black Oxide forms a mil-spec compliant black magnetite finish on all iron and carbon steel parts.

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Tru Temp Black Oxide System

What is MicroLok® AO?

An Attractive & Protective Finish for Iron & Steel – Without EPA Regulated Chemicals

Ideal for tooling and machine components, piston/cylinder assemblies, rotors & calipers, oil-field equipment or any part that does not require a dark black finish, but does require robust corrosion protection, anti-galling properties or break-in lubricity, without a dimensional change.

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MicroLok MZN

What is MicroLok® MZN?

An Attractive & Protective
Finish for Iron & Steel

The mil-spec compliant MICROLOK® MZN process is a fine-grained zinc phosphating solution for iron and steel components. MICROLOK® MZN provides corrosion resistance and anti-galling protection of high value components.

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MicroLok MZN

LUMICLAD® Black Oxide Process for Aluminum Alloys

A New Blackening Process for Aluminum

The LUMICLAD® Black Oxide process (patent applied for) is a new blackening method by which aluminum alloys can be coated with a durable and attractive black oxide finish. Utilizing a simple immersion tank process line, the LUMICLAD solutions carry out a two-stage chemical reaction to form an attractive, electrically conductive, satin-gloss black finish that is tightly adherent to the aluminum surface.

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LUMICLAD Black Oxide Process

Antiquing and coloring processes for sculptures and decorative hardware

Room temperature oxidizers for antiquing or coloring of Brass, Bronze, Copper, Nickel, Silver, Pewter and Aluminum. Finishes available for immersion, brush-on, and gel application.

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Antiquing and coloring processes

Birchwood Technologies
TRU TEMP® CNC Black Oxide Finishing System

This new TRU TEMP CNC line utilizes an integrated programmable hoist and tank line to automatically
process iron and steel components with a high
quality black oxide finish.

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CNC Black Oxide Finishing System

Near-Zero™ Water Recycling System

The Near-Zero Water Recycling System is designed for TRU TEMP process lines up to 150 gallons in tank size, and is completely pre-engineered for fast setup. This system allows owner to dramatically reduce water consumption on process line.

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Near-Zero Water Recycling System
Birchwood Casey Metal Finishing changes name to Birchwood Technologies.

Birchwood Technologies is an advanced developer and manufacturer of turnkey metal finishing systems and processes including low temp black oxide, cold blackening, aluminum oxide, zinc phosphate, antiquing, rust preventatives, cleaners and preps.

Our metal finishes protect metal surfaces from corrosion and enhance sales appeal. These are widely used on tooling, motion control components, automotive parts, oil drilling components, and many more. The Tru Temp low temp black Oxide process is Mil Spec Compliant and become the direct replacement for Hot Oxide and preferred by many OEM's versus the hazards of Hot Oxide. Learn more about "how to black oxide finish" or try our Free sample blackening to evaluate options.

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Zero-DischargeSaving a natural resource.
Water conservation, with zinc phosphate processing, addresses the need of the booming oil and gas industry. How to carry out metal coating while conserving water. (Read More)
TRU TEMP® Black Oxide FinishingTool Manufacturer Converts... 3rd Plant To TRU TEMP® Black Oxide Finishing. Confirming the growing trend toward less hazardous part finishing. (Read More)
Near-Zero™ Water Recycling SystemTRU TEMP® Low Temp Black Oxide With Near-Zero™ Water Recycling System. Not only can the user benefit from the low operating temperature of the TRU TEMP process, but there is also a huge water savings. (Read More)
Saving Water White PaperHow to Finish
In-House With Virtually Zero Water Consumption
Making The Case For Water Conservation With Black Oxide & Zinc Phosphate Finishing. (Download PDF)
PRESTO BLACK® BST4PRESTO BLACK® BST4 Brush-On Blackener. For Touch-ups In Aircraft Engine Rebuilding And Machine Shop Quick-Fix For Previously Black Oxided Parts With Scratches. (Read More)
MicroLok® MZNMICROLOK® MZN Zinc Phosphate
Is The New
Option For Areas With Water Restrictions.
Zinc Phosphate Process With Near Zero Water Usage Now Available From Birchwood Technologies. (Read More)
Free sample blackening to evaluate options.
Analyze, Compare, and investigate In-House Finishing. (PDF Request Form)

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