Decorative Finishes - Room Temperature Antiquing

Antique Finish Options

Antique Black® M20 Immersion

A general-purpose Blackening and Browning concentrate for brass, bronze and copper alloys. Rapid reaction makes M20 ideal for use on manual finishing lines. Contains buffering agents which make the solution resistant to low level contamination or carry-over without affecting finish color or coverage. Use at 20% by volume for Black finishes; 10-15% for a full range of pleasing Brown tones. Buy Online

Antique Black M20 Immersion

Antique Black® M21 Immersion

A Browning concentrate for brass, bronze and copper alloys, M21 produces rich Brown tones with a rapid reaction. Also Blackens nickel plated and silver items with an attractive silver-Black finish. Use at 20% by volume. Buy Online

Antique Black M21 Immersion

Antique Brown® M38 Immersion or Brush-On

Ideal for use in barrel lines or automatic lines, the reaction is slower (1-4 minutes) to allow the operator to stop at light or medium Brown tones with ease, as well as chocolate Browns on brass, bronze or copper alloys. Use at 20% by volume for darker tone, 10-15% for lighter Browns, or undiluted for rich Brown brushed-on finishes. Buy Online

Antique Brown M38 Immersion or Brush-On

Antique Black® M220 Immersion

General purpose Blackening and Browning concentrate for brass, bronze or copper alloys. Produces the same colors as M20 with the same high coverage and rapid reaction, but without the extra solution buffers, for even lower operating cost.

Antique Black M220 Immersion

Antique Black® M24 Brush-On

A unique Brush-On concentrate for Blackening or Browning of brass, bronze or copper alloys. Produces pleasing US10B finishes on large architectural surfaces, sculptures, or engravings -- on new or reconditioned parts. Color and reaction speed can be controlled by diluting with water. Can be used undiluted for Black finishes, or diluted by 10-50% for Brown tones or slower reactions. Buy Online

Antique Black M24 Brush-On

Patina Green™ Verde Green Finish

For attractive Verde Green finishes on copper/brass/bronze surfaces. Simulates the natural Green Patina formed by outdoor weather exposure. Applied at room temperature by Brush-On, Immersion or spray techniques, the Patina Green can be used directly on the metal surface, or as a supplemental coloring agent over a Brown or Black base coat. The Green color forms when the solution is allowed to dry on the metal surface. Buy Online

Patina Green Verde Green Finish

Pewter Black™ PB1/PB2 Immersion

Use PB1 for Pewter and tin alloys; PB2 for tin/lead alloys. Both operate at room temperature with rapid reactions. PB1 is ideal for cast Pewter, terneplate or tin electroplated materials. PB2 is designed for stained-glass or other applications utilizing lead-based materials. Buy Online

Pewter Black PB1/PB2 Immersion

Zinc Black™ ZN4 Immersion

A non-chrome alternative to Black chromate. Utilizing non-regulated molybdate chemistry, ZN4 forms a hard Black finish on Zinc die-castings and Zinc-plated surfaces. Can be highlighted for a simulated Pewter finish or sealed with a clear topcoat for a solid Black finish. Use at 20% by volume at 120 degrees for best results. Buy Online

Zinc Black ZN4 Immersion

Aluma Black® A14 Brush-On

A handy Brush-On Blackener for all aluminum alloys. Use undiluted to Blacken entire parts or as a touch-up for Black anodizing that has been re-machined or damaged. Ideal for engravings. Buy Online

Aluma Black® A15 Immersion

A room temperature Blackening concentrate for cast and machinable grades of aluminum - ideal for simulated Pewter or light duty service when protected by a clear topcoat. Buy Online

Aluma Black