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Why Birchwood Technologies Antiquing concentrates are recognized for high quality finishes, safe and easy operation and lower operating costs...

  1. Cool, Easy Operation
    No heating or special equipment needed.These versatile products can be used in a stand-alone process line or as an extension to an existing plating line. For occasional antiquing requirements or full-time production-scale needs.
  2. Broad Color Range
    A full range of oxidized colors can be produced -- from golden to statuary to chocolate brown and black. For copper, brass, bronze plating, castings or solid parts. Plus black on nickel, silver, pewter, tin, zinc, aluminum.
  3. No Safety Hazards
    Mild, non-caustic solutions with no dangerous fumes make ventilation unnecessary. The working solutions are easy to mix and maintain, and your operators will appreciate working with products that are not dangerous. Our factory support ensures that your safety and health concerns are addressed properly.
  4. Consistent, Dependable Quality
    Batch to batch, day to day color matching is easy to achieve without the guess work that is common with other oxidizers. Consistent quality and low reject rates are the keys to low operating costs, whether used in manual lines or automated systems.
  5. Baths are Easily Controlled
    A simple color-change test or titration is all that is needed. Once the correct replenishment is made, the oxidizing reaction can be monitored by timing the immersion or by observing the parts. Larger systems can be fitted with automatic metering pumps for maximum consistency.
  6. Long Bath Life
    No periodic dumping required under normal conditions. In fact, the bath can be used as permanent bath requiring only periodic replenishment with fresh concentrate. This feature lets you avoid down time and keeps your costs low.
  7. Finishes are Easily Relieved
    Faster burnishing, easier hand relieving makes for smoother work flow and long buffing wheel life. It also gives you more control over the finished appearance of parts with complex shapes or those requiring a smooth feathering effect.
  8. High Coverage
    Unlike others on the market, Birchwood Technologies oxidizers are full concentrates with high coverage per gallon. Their increased strength results in lowest actual operating costs and best control over process conditions.
  9. No Pollution Hazards
    By utilizing the Birchwood Technologies Ion Exchange System, none of the rinse waters enter the drain! Your antiquing line is totally insulated from the waste stream, simplifying the operation and eliminating environmental liability.

A Smart Option

Better quality and consistency than sulfides. Easier to control than black nickel baths. Safer to operate than hot oxides. Lower operating costs than other cold oxidizers.

Birchwood Technologies is your best source for high grade antique solutions -- all backed by experienced technical personnel to help you. Talk to our experts about ways to improve your finishing qualities with Birchwood Technologies antiquing and blackening systems.

Room Temperature Antiquing