Coatings for Aluminum - Lumiclad®

Lumiclad® Black Oxide Process for Aluminum Alloys

  • Lumiclad® provides effective chassis grounding and superior black finish for aluminum electrical and electronic components.
  • Lumiclad® provides superior break-in lubricity for aluminum components such as Pistons, Actuators and Valve mechanisms.
  • Lumiclad® is an Electroless Black Oxide process which is a simpler and faster process alternative to Black Anodizing Military components and assemblies.

The Lumiclad® Black Oxide process (patent applied for) is a new blackening method by which aluminum alloys can be coated with a durable and attractive black oxide finish. Utilizing a simple immersion tank process line, the Lumiclad solutions carry out a two-stage chemical reaction to form an attractive, satin-gloss black finish that is tightly adherent to the aluminum surface.

Lumiclad®The Lumiclad Finish is Attractive & Durable

With a coating thickness of only 0.000060 inches (1.5 microns), the Lumiclad finish is quite smooth and durable, and has a smooth crystal structure that absorbs an optional topcoat, such as a dry-to-touch sealant or clear polymer. The result is an attractive satin-gloss black surface that is well-suited for many machine/tool or decorative applications requiring good sales appeal and scratch resistance.

An Attractive, In-House Blackening Option

Until today, black anodizing has been the only viable option for manufacturers of many aluminum components. While the anodized finish is extremely durable, the process itself is so complex that only those who specialize in it can operate it properly. In addition, the anodized coating is thick enough to cause a measurable dimensional change and close down critical hole diameters. While the protective properties are very high, they are often far higher than the application demands. Similarly, the cost of the anodizing is often prohibitively high, as well.

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