Coatings for Iron and Steel - MicroLok® MZN

MicroLok® MZN Five Step Process

For Most Parts, Five Easy Steps:

For machined parts, the MicroLok MZN process require just five steps and about 15-20 minutes:

  1. CLEAN the parts for 5 minutes in Safe Scrub ST biodegradable cleaner: 150° F.
  2. RINSE well in clean water: 20 seconds.
  3. APPLY MicroLok MZN finish by immersing for 5-15 minutes at 120-160° F.
  4. RINSE well in clean water: 20 seconds.
  5. SEAL in Rust Preventive such as Dri-Touch® Amber IRP2: 1 minute. Allow to dry.

Parts that carry rust or heat treat scale should be descaled prior to coating with MicroLok MZN. Please consult with your Birchwood Technologies Representative for detailed guidance.