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Antique Brown® M38 Solution Or Gel Process Create Warm Leather Brown And Chocolate Brown Metal Finish From Birchwood Technologies

Antique Brown® M38Brush it on or dip it. Either way, oil-rubbed bronze and leather brown finishes are easy to produce using versatile Antique Brown® M38 solution or Gel from Birchwood Technologies.

Commercial and residential design call for Statuary Bronze and Oil-Rubbed Bronze finishes to complement natural surfaces made of wood, stone, tile and glass. These natural appearing Metal Finishes are often described as warm leather brown and chocolate brown color tone. They are the finish of choice for lighting, cabinet hardware, locks, window/door frames, sculpture and other metal items.

Now, achieving these popular finishes is easy with Antique Brown® M38 Antique Oxidizer from Birchwood Technologies. This product is available in two forms – a liquid concentrate and a Gel.

Liquid Browning Takes Just Minutes

The liquid Antique Brown M38 can be applied as an immersion browning solution or as a brush on. For immersion tank application, the concentrate is diluted with water to form a dipping solution. Parts are carried on racks or baskets and immersed for 1 to 4 minutes. This method works best for large volume, factory scale work and can be set up based on the part volume.

Alternatively, liquid Antique Brown M38 can be used as a brush-on browning solution for larger surfaces or a small number of parts. Applied directly on clean metal surfaces, the GEL forms brown colors only – no black—with a reaction that is somewhat slower than standard antiquing products. This gives the user the highest degree of control over the coloring process.

Gel Browning Ideal For Large, In-Place Parts And Flat Surfaces

The Gel Antique Brown is a thickened version of the product designed for application on large flat surfaces or for components that are already installed such as wall panels, handrails, sculpture, etc. The Gel works with the same color formation and timing as the liquid while staying in place where applied without forming runs and drips. This is an important feature when browning large panels or other surfaces that are already installed in a finished area. The Gel consistency gives the operator the ultimate in control over the coloring reaction and helps eliminate undesirable staining due to runs, drips and splashing.

Birchwood Technologies Antique Brown M38 is available in 1, 5, 15 and 55 gallon containers ready for easy application.