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Birchwood Technologies Pewter Black™ Process Is Ideal Finish For Jewelry, Commemorative Coins, Buttons, Buckles, Fasteners

Pewter BlackThe Pewter Black™ finish is one of a full line of color and antique finishes produced quickly and economically with new Birchwood Technologies concentrates. These finishes can be produced easily without hazardous effluent on parts made of die cast materials, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, silver, pewter, zinc and aluminum.

Ideal for large and small volume tank lines, Birchwood Technologies Pewter Black and other antique finishes are simple and inexpensive to operate. The Pewter Black provides an ideal, high quality appearing finish for all types of jewelry items, lapel pins, commemorative coins, badges, buttons, buckles, fasteners and similar components.

In addition to Pewter Black, eight other antique finish options are offered by Birchwood Technologies providing just the antique coloration, tone and finish desired. Included are a series of Antique Black® and Antique Brown® finishes, Aluma Black® and Zinc Black®.

All finishing processes are safe and easy to use in either manual or fully automatic finishing systems. From small scale to high volume production, Birchwood Technologies provides concentrates and finishing lines to meet any need, for individual jewelry designers and artisans, to automated, large volume product manufacturers.

These Birchwood Technologies antiquing finishes have been proven in all types of applications to reduce energy consumption, raise productivity levels and improve worker safety conditions. As volume requirements change, the processes are adaptable to varying quantity requirements, from a few to many thousand parts.

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