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Rust Blocker With Low VOC Content And Low Odor Available From Birchwood Technologies

Dri-Touch® Amber Low-VOC from Birchwood Technologies is a rust blocker with low VOC (volatile organic content) and virtually no odor. It's the answer to today's environmentally conscious manufacturers who require a high level of rust protection for their products.

Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC

Dri-Touch® Amber Low-VOC from Birchwood Technologies is ideal for protection of raw metal or parts. Also enhances components with a Black Oxide coating such as castings, hand tools and machined parts.

Rated for 96-120 hours salt spray and 600+ hours humidity protection, Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC meets water displacement test Mil-C-16173 and stain test Mil-C-22235A. With a 248°F flash point, Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC is effective in manufacturing plants that are under air quality restrictions and in areas with flammability hazards. The rust protection Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC provides is more than double that of other water-based products, according to Birchwood Technologies, the manufacturer.

Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC can be used on packaged products such as hand tools without causing odor, air contamination or fire safety problems. An ideal general purpose rust inhibitor, it can also be applied effectively to raw materials such as bar steel and castings prior to cutting and machining. Excellent as a corrosion preventive over black oxide or phosphate conversion coatings, Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC seals out corrosion and enhances depth of color. It can also be used on uncoated metal surfaces for long-term storage.

Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC liquid has a very thin consistency – similar to penetrating oil – that quickly penetrates recessed areas and lifts moisture from blind holes. Just as quickly, it forms a protective barrier film that resists harmful atmospheric humidity and corrosion.

Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC can be applied to wet or dry surfaces by immersion or pump spray process. The non-conductive Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC film dries quickly and provides break-in lubricity where needed without interfering with proper operation. Also important, it is compatible with most lubricants, hydraulic oil and cutting oil.

The pale, Amber Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC liquid produces a film thickness of 0.15 mil and provides effective coverage of approximately 1500 square feet per gallon. Available direct from Birchwood Technologies in 5 or 55-gallon drums, Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC may be ordered online for immediate shipment.