Coatings for Iron and Steel - Presto Black®

Blackening - Compare & Decide

In-House System Vs.

Sending Parts Out for Finishing

Finish Quality
High - Uniform black finishes easily achieved on all non-stainless steels, iron, even powdered metal. Attractive, protective, non-dimensional. Variable - Red/Brown discoloration and white salt leaching are common problems. Porous materials are usually not treatable. Parts are often lost or damaged.
High - Easy to install in any area of the plant, or in a manufacturing cell. (No water, drain or venting needed.) Ideal for large or small volume work. Low - Parts must be handled many times to protect, pack, ship, then finish, re-pack, re-ship, etc. Small lots, short runs very inefficient.
Short - Parts can be processed in 15 minutes, ready for assembly or packaging. Perfect for Just-In-Time programs, prototype parts, and short runs. Long - Delays are common. At times, the outside plating shop waits until a full day's run is on-hand before processing.
High - You control overall quality, scheduling and costs with a safe, zero discharge, in-house finishing capability. Makes ISO 9000 compliance easy to document. Low - You are at the mercy of an outside shop who may not handle your parts appropriately and promptly.
Low - Modest capital cost. Low operating cost on full production scale or occasional basis. High - Buyer must often high rates or minimum charges, shipping/handling costs, paper work costs.

The Improved Presto Black Finish is Ideal for Many Components

Castings, forgings and even powdered metals can be blackened easily with no red/brown coatings or salt leaching problems. Excellent results on tools, machine components, valves, pumps, hydraulic parts, power drive components, fasteners and other tight tolerance parts which require a non-dimensional finish. The Presto Black process can be used to finish all non-stainless steels.