TRU TEMP® Finish Prevents Rust, Resists Galling On Oil And Gas Drilling Machined Components.

TRU TEMP® Finish Prevents Rust

Robust corrosion protection and break-in lubricity while resisting galling are important features of the exclusive TRU TEMP® low temperature black oxide process.

A growing number of manufacturers of oil and gas drilling components rely on TRU TEMP because it forms a satin black magnetite finish that protects critical surfaces in storage, shipment and startup. Ideal machined components include: downhole parts, sucker rods, valves, mandrels, collars, valve seats, pistons and more.

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Sculpture And Original Artistic Metal Designs Radiate Their True Beauty When Finished With One Of Birchwood Technologies' Antiquing Options

Birchwood Technologies' eight Antiquing options.

Metal sconces, figurines, sculpture and original metal artistic creations take on a refined, elegant look and feel when finished with one of Birchwood Technologies' eight Antiquing options.

Artists, blacksmiths and designers working with metal find that the beauty of their creations is increased when finished properly. Their creation’s intrinsic beauty is magnified by the finish applied. By choosing one of Birchwood Technologies’ antiquing finishes, these creators can add just the right color and tone for maximum effect. Unlike other finishes including paint cover-ups, these Birchwood Technologies finishes blend into the metal substrate and enhance their overall "look and feel." Read More

Birchwood Technologies introduces Presto Black® SSB Room Temperature Blackening Process For Stainless Steel

Room Temperature Blackening Process For Stainless Steel

New Presto Black® SSB room temperature Stainless Steel blackening process is an immersion or brush-on solution for most stainless steel alloys and substrates. Creating an esthetic appealing finish, Presto Black® SSB can easily be used in production finishing, for manual touch-up needs, or for distressed decorative or architectural metalworking.

Presto Black® SSB reacts quickly and produces a non-dimensional black finish in 1-3 minutes in most brush-on applications. When used in-house for volume immersion finishing, the process is best implemented with a series of tanks for cleaning, rinsing, blackening, final rinsing and applying a final topcoat sealant for long term protection. The immersion process takes only 12-15 minutes to complete a full batch of parts. Pre-engineered finishing lines in sizes suitable for most finishing requirements are available from Birchwood Technologies.

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Brush-On Presto Black® Gel, Antique Brown® Gel, and Antique Black® Gel Available From Birchwood Technologies For Coloring Furniture Components, Architectural Railings, Metal Panels, Facades And More With A Durable Finish

Brush-On Gels for Coloring Furniture Components with A Durable Finish

Designed for use on any size parts, the new Presto Black® Gel, Antique Brown® Gel, and Antique Black® Gel formulations solve the application challenges of liquid products while producing an attractive, high quality, durable darkened finish.

Presto Black Gel is ideal for most non-stainless iron and steel surfaces. Without runs or drips, any size surface in vertical or horizontal position can be converted to a beautiful and durable black finish. Simple and safe to use, Presto Black Gel is applied at room temperature. Similarly, the Antique Brown and Antique Black Gels are designed for use on brass, bronze, and copper substrates to produce attractive, durable brown/black finishes on these metals.

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Free Sample Finishing to Evaluate Options

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