Tru Temp® Black Oxide Finish For Machine Tool Components. It’s Durable, Attractive Finish Resists Corrosion With Many Application Benefits

TRU TEMP® Black Oxide

High value tooling such as toolholders, workholding and turret press tooling takes on an attractive, protective black oxide finish when finished with the Tru Temp low temperature, non-polluting black oxide system from Birchwood Technologies.

Extremely durable, the Tru Temp process provides a satin black magnetite coating, 20 millionths thick (0.54 micron) with no effect on component material hardness or tensile strength. Components such as gears, sprockets and couplings operate with no functional change while the finish adds substantial protection. Tests verify Tru Temp withstands up to 100 hours of neutral salt spray (ASTM B 117) or several hundred hours of humidity (ASTM D 1748).

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Dual Process Metal Finishing From A Single System Introduced By Birchwood Technologies – Black Oxide and Zinc Phosphate Coatings Produced On The Same Process Line

Dual Process

Metal finishers now can achieve both a high quality black oxide finish and a zinc phosphate finish using the same processing system. Safe, simple and inexpensive to operate, this innovative process line from Birchwood Technologies operates with Near-Zero™ water consumption. Read More

Low-Temperature Black Oxide Of Ferrous Metal Gears - Enhanced Control Of Quality, Scheduling With Zero/Low Labor Costs Using The Newest Automated Process

Low-Temperature Black Oxide Of Ferrous Metal Gears

In-house black oxide finishing for gears is becoming more attractive than outsourcing for one simple reason: it offers more effective control of quality, scheduling and costs.

This article describes the latest trends in black oxide finishing and offers an in-house alternative that enhances quality, speeds shipments and lowers costs.

The True Cost Of Outsourced Black Oxide Finishing

Due to the hazardous nature of most black oxide processes, manufacturers have traditionally been forced to ship parts to an outside plant for black oxide finishing. In the process, they incur extra costs and turnaround times that make it difficult to satisfy customer shipping demands. In addition, this outsourcing requires higher in-process inventory levels and makes it impossible to have direct control over quality.

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