Antique and Aged
metal finishes

Ideal for hardware, sculpture, jewelery, light fixture components, door & window components, and many other applications.

Other Benefits include:

  • Variety of colors from Aged brown and black,
    verdi green, oil-rubbed leather brown
  • Eliminate galling and more
  • Enhance visual sales appeal
  • Durable finish

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corrosion resistant black oxide parts
Antique metals in-house

Want to learn how to Antique metals in-house?

Our Free E-Book on "How to Antique" brass, copper, and bronze in-house provides an in-depth overview of:

  • Benefits of antique metal finishing
  • Substrate metals in common use
  • Beginning the process: from cleaning to highlighting, to protective topcoats
  • Waste treatment options
  • Finishing equipment

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How to Antique

Want to evaluate antique finishing on your production parts?

Send us 5-10 non-finished parts along with the completed sample request form. Then Birchwood Technologies will test metal finishing options and provide full details and samples.

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