Metal Blackening for Iron, Aluminum, Steel, & Stainless Steel

Why should you Black Oxide?

Birchwood Technologies metal blackening benefits include long-term corrosion resistance and durable, attractive finish. Unlike paint coatings, black oxide is non-dimensional and will not interfere with function of the metal parts and is available for immersion or brush-on applications.

Our black oxide processes include:

  • Mid-Temperature Black Oxide for Immersion
  • Room-Temperature Black Oxide for Immersion
  • Black Oxide Liquid for Brush-on
  • Black Oxide Gel for Brush-on or Swabbing

All of our black oxide processes mesh with manufacturing production and easily integrate in-house, cutting lead times, increasing productivity, and saving on finishing costs. We have pre-engineered finishing lines to make implementation fast and easy with a mini-system, 40 gallon line, 100 gallon line, CNC Automated line, and provide conversions or upgrades to existing lines.

Birchwood Technologies offers free sample test finishing and on-site start up for immersion lines to make blackening easy and successful.

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