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Mid-Temperature Black Oxide
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The Best Just Got Better.

TRU TEMP® 2ND GEN process expands on our original, patented TRU TEMP® XL black oxide with more features and expanded finishing capabilities. See finished examples gallery.

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You asked us for a darker and cleaner finish. TRU TEMP® 2ND GEN delivers on that and more. The new patent pending TRU TEMP® 2ND GEN mid-temperature black oxide is a re-engineered and improved finish based on the original and widely used TRU TEMP® XL introduced in 2001.

Operating at the same safe temperature range of 200° – 210°F, TRU TEMP® 2ND GEN achieves a superior dark black finish that will not rub off when handled. The clean-to-the-touch magnetite coating is non-dimensional (1 micron thick) and ideal for machined components, non-machined components, powdered metals, MIM, tooling, gears, sucker rods and more.

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Steel before & after blackening


The patent pending TRU TEMP® 2ND GEN easily blackens an expanded range of high-alloy/high-strength steels and iron in a single pass. Robust features of TRU TEMP® 2ND GEN include protecting critical surfaces in storage, shipment and startup while resisting galling and aiding with break-in lubricity. The process also avoids problems seen with traditional Hot Oxide such as: coatings appearing red or salt leaching problems commonly seen in blind holes or recesses.

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BT Tank Lines For Easy In House Black Oxide Finishing

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TRU TEMP® 2ND GEN in-house process makes it easy and fast to supply customers just-in-time requirements. By using an in-house finishing system, a company can achieve cycle time reductions, inventory reductions and overall process improvements. ISO accountability is enhanced and TRU TEMP® 2ND GEN meets compliancy initiatives including Mil-DTL-13924F Class 1 for steel.

Plus, the process can be designed around several factors including: mix of alloys, hardness and reactivity, condition of the surface prior to blackening, parts handling employed, and the final finish requirement in terms of appearance, gloss and corrosion resistance.

200° – 210°F temperature range

200° – 210°F TEMP

Operates at an optimum 200° – 210°F temperature range making it easy to use in-house and operator friendly. The chemistry is easy to manage and contains no EPA regulated metals, so rinse waters are generally sewerable by neutralizing the pH with a typical discharge range of pH 7-11. Additionally, reaching this range takes only 20% of the acid and is much less dangerous to do yourself than other processes. Since TRU TEMP® 2ND GEN process requires no effluent treatment, the initial capital investment is only about half of other blackening systems.

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The most common finishing line configuration completes the blackening in 30-35 minutes in a seven-step process which includes: clean, rinse, activation, rinse, blackening, rinse, and sealing. Alternate process designs can be accommodated for most workflows.

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BT40 finishing system
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Tru Temp® 2nd Gen Black Oxide

Concentrate for make-up and replenishment.

TRU TEMP® 2nd Gen Mid Temperature Black Oxide Process operates at 200 – 210° F and forms a durable black oxide finish.

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Mini Tru Temp® 2nd Gen Blackening Line BKTT2G

5 Gallon In-house Black Oxide 190° System

Mid-Temperature Black Oxide for Iron and steel. Creates a satin black magnetite coating. Shipped by Federal Express.


BK-TT Tru Temp Mini-Kit


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