Decorative Finishes

Room Temperature Antiquing

Antiquing and Metal Blackening Solutions

The Birchwood Technologies® Antiquing Process Safely Meets Your Quality and Budget Requirements Without Hazardous Rinse Waters in the Drain

Professional Finishing Quality
Antiquing of brass and bronze, and other metal coloring processes are easier than ever to operate with Birchwood Technologies antiquing and blackening solutions. Formulated for the professional metal finisher, high quality is not compromised, yet the products are so easy and safe to use that any finisher can achieve professional results. Whether you are an experienced plater/finisher or an engraver, sculptor or artisan, Birchwood Technologies is your best source for antique finishing products.

No Experience Necessary
Mild solutions with no hazardous fumes make Birchwood Technologies antique solutions easy and safe to work with. Operators and managers quickly become comfortable with the system's simple operation and maintenance, even without prior training.

Zero Drain Pollution
The Birchwood Technologies Ion Exchange system continually cleans and purifies the rinse waters so they can be re-used rather than sent to the drain. Pollution compliance is easy and predictable.

Professional Support
Our technical sales people are backed by an expert customer service department always ready to assist you. Our professionals work with yours to design and size your finishing system, train your operators and provide ongoing support.