Tin & Pewter Blackening Solution

Room Temperature Antiquing Decorative Finishes

Tin & Pewter Blackening Solution

Birchwood Technologies’ room temperature tin and pewter blackening solution is a safe, non-toxic, blackening solution supplied as a liquid concentrate. Designed to be user and environmentally friendly, our pewter blackening solution and antiquing processes are easy and safe to use in either manual or fully automatic lines. They offer you maximum control over finish and operating cost.

Coupled with the Ion Exchange System, the line requires no water, drain or vent hookup and can be located anywhere in the plant in a manufacturing cell or any convenient location. Birchwood Technologies’ tin and pewter blackening solution is the smart alternative to other oxidizing processes.

Pewter Black™ PB1 Immersion Concentrate

Blackener for Pewter and tin alloys.

Rapid room temp reaction on cast Pewter or tin plated surfaces. Highly Concentrated for high coverage per gallon and low operating costs.

Pewter Black PB1


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