Room Temperature Antiquing Decorative Finishes

Iron & Steel Oxidizers

Designed to be user and environmentally friendly, Birchwood Technologies blackening and antiquing processes are easy and safe to use in either manual or fully automatic lines. They offer you the maximum control over finish and operating cost.

Coupled with the Ion Exchange System, the line requires no water, drain or vent hookup and can be located anywhere in the plant in a manufacturing cell or any convenient location. Birchwood Technologies is the smart alternative to other oxidizing processes.

Presto Black® Gel

For Blackening/antiquing of decorative steel surfaces without runs and drips.

Unique Gel formula has a slower reaction than BST4 Liquid, giving the user an extra measure of control when dealing with large surfaces. Gray/Black finish.

presto black gel


1 Gallon
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5 Gallon
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