Is 63,000 Gallons Of Rinse Water A Month Worth Saving?

63,000 gallons is the volume of water that is consumed monthly by a 100-gallon Tru Temp mid-temperature in-house black oxide system, operated one shift per day. Learn how to get your process line operating as a self-contained, closed-loop process line.

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near-zero water recycler
Near Zero water recycler

Want to explore more about Metal Parts Finishing with Virtually Zero Water Consumption?

Our Free Ebook on "How to Finish Metal Parts In-House with Virtually Zero Water Consumption" provides an in-depth overview of:

  • Benefits of Near-Zero™ Water Recycling System
  • How to dramatically reduce the overall water consumption
  • How the Ion Exchange System purifies the water so it can re-used
  • How to handle rinse waters
  • Finishing equipment

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How to Finish Metal Parts

Want to evaluate black oxide on your parts?

Send us 5-10 non-finished parts along with the completed sample request form. Then Birchwood Technologies will test metal finishing options and provide full details and samples.

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