Coatings for Iron and Steel - MicroLok® AO

The MicroLok® AO Coating System Offers These Key Benefits:

  1. Safe & Easy to Operate.
    The MicroLok AO solution operates at a safe 120-140° F, with no fumes or splattering. This temperature is well below that of normal phosphate solutions and only a few degrees higher than room temperature blackeners. In addition, the working bath has a very mild pH of 4 to 5. Most cold blacks and zinc phosphates operate at pH 1-2, with significantly higher acid content.

  2. No EPA Regulated Chemical Content.
    The MicroLok AO solution contains no regulated materials. Consequently, process rinse waters are sewerable without waste treatment. (The solution does contain aluminum and iron – both classified as non-hazardous by EPA).

  3. Short Process, Low Operating Cost.
    For most parts, the MicroLok AO process requires only five steps and about 15 minutes. Capital costs are low because no waste treatment is required. Operating costs are only about half that of cold blacks.

  4. Easy Process Maintenance.
    The MicroLok AO bath is maintained by monitoring the pH. Easy to do! In addition, there is no scaling or sludging or tanks or heaters, like other processes. Consequently, process line maintenance is kept to a minimum.

  5. Durable Finish. High Heat Stability.
    The MicroLok AO finish withstands up to 1400° F without degradation, making it suitable for high heat applications, such as brake components.

  6. Easy to Install.
    Complete In-House Tank Line Systems are available at low cost and are supplied complete with training of your operators by factory personnel.