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Birchwood Technologies "Zero-Effluent" 40 Gallon Finishing System Has New Secondary Spill Containment Feature – Helps Meet EPA Compliance

40 Gallon Finishing SystemQuality black finishes produced quickly in-house are possible using Birchwood Technologies' BC-40 metal finishing system equipped with new secondary spill containment feature.

Designed to assemble quickly and easily under the BC-40 eight tank system, the new option eliminates the need for other types of permanent floor or wall diking often required by EPA regulations. Each containment basin will safely contain up to 90 gallons. Four of the basins arranged in a straight row easily support the weight of an eight tank BC-40 process line. They also raise the height of the line 12 inches, bringing it close to the 42 inch height recommended by OSHA.

The containment basins are available on new BC-40 systems or can be added as a retrofit to existing systems.

When fitted with Birchwood Technologies Ion Exchange filtration, the entire line becomes a "closed loop" system in that it is self-contained, making water and drain connections unnecessary. Regenerated rinse waters are returned to the system so there is no dumping of waste to the drain. Further protection is insured from spills or accidental tank damage with the secondary spill containment feature.

Using the Presto Black finishing process, the BC-40 system is an ideal substitute for hazardous, polluting hot oxide finishing. The process takes just 10 to 12 minutes and produces an attractive, corrosion resistant black finish. The Presto Black finish meets the performance objectives of MIL-C-13924C and can be used as a direct replacement for conventional hot oxide processes.

Besides being a cleaner, safer alternative to hot oxide and more cost effective than sending parts out for blackening, a BC-40 system using the Presto Black process is ideal for any department having need for blackening on an occasional basis - tool room, prototype, manufacturing cells, maintenance facilities - anyone with rush jobs.

These BC-40 systems also are portable, including the secondary spill containment feature, which allows relocating the entire line anywhere in the plant if needed.

Completely pre-engineered for fast setup and use, the system contains eight individual tanks, each measuring 16 x 24 x 24 inches deep with a 40 gallon capacity. Overall area required for the system is 3 ft. x 15 ft. Tanks are constructed of either 10 gauge welded steel (epoxy painted) or 1/2 inch welded polypropylene.

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