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Aluminum Fasteners And Hardware Blackened In Bulk With Non-Polluting Lumiclad® Black Oxide

Lumiclad Black OxideNow there's a better In-House method for bulk blackening aluminum fasteners and hardware. Lumiclad is the new, zero-discharge process that forms a protective, non-dimensional black oxide finish on all aluminum surfaces.

Lumiclad is clean, durable and tightly adherent to the metal substrate. It is ideal for all types of fasteners – perfect for flat buttons, t-nuts, fluid connections, eye bolts, hex nuts, handles, – all varieties of aluminum fasteners and hardware including metric and standard sizes.

Lumiclad forms a uniform coating thickness of 0.000060 inches (1.5 micron) on aluminum fastener surfaces. It will not close down hole diameters, change or clog thread dimensions even when applied to the smallest sizes. In addition, the Lumiclad finish has an inherent lubricity that can aid in fastener operation.

Compared to black anodizing, Lumiclad provides a number of advantages. It is a proven 30-minute process without the operating complexities of anodizing. Lumiclad contains no EPA regulated chemicals, so there usually is no need for waste treatment as is the case with anodizing. In most sewer districts, the rinse waters are considered sewerable as non-hazardous effluent. This feature simplifies installation and minimizes the capital investment to set up an in-house process line.

The unique, patent-pending Lumiclad process utilizes a conventional immersion tank process line. It is easy and safe to operate so that fastener manufacturers can operate it in-house themselves, thereby eliminating the need for outside processing. For most applications, a seven-tank line and a 30-minute process time does the job from start to finish.

"Using the Lumiclad finish for fasteners and hardware provides manufacturers with a better option for improving productivity and profitability," reports Jesse Vouk, vice president of Birchwood Technologies. "We are excited to be able to introduce this breakthrough process with so many benefits. No other non-electrolytic blackening finish for aluminum is as easy and safe to operate while providing low operating costs and high quality."

Complete, turnkey Lumiclad systems are available in sizes 5 gallon, 40 gallon, 100 gallon and larger to handle all sizes and quantities of parts. Available direct from Birchwood Technologies, Lumiclad products may be ordered online for immediate shipment.