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Antique Finishes From Birchwood Technologies Provide Elegance For Upscale Hardware and Architectural Components

Antique FinishesDesigners requiring a high quality finish on decorative hardware and architectural steel components will find the solution using Birchwood Technologies' Antique Black® or Presto Black® process.

With the growing use of steel and brass for high end ornamental gates, railings and similar decorative hardware, alternatives to ordinary paint finishes have been sought out by designers. Birchwood Technologies meets the need with a processes that are simple and inexpensive to operate yet produce a professional, hand-finished quality appearance.

The processes are simple: (1) surface cleaning; (2) water rinsing; (3) blackening/oxidizing; (4) water rinsing and (5) highlighting and/or sealing. Designed to be operator friendly, the processes operate at room temperature and utilize mild solutions that are safe to use in either manual or production scale process lines. No heating or special equipment is needed. The processes can be operated as stand-alone lines or integrated into existing plating lines for full-time production-scale needs.

Special ventilation is unnecessary because there are no fumes. And by using Birchwood Technologies' Ion Exchange system, the systems can be set up to produce zero discharge of rinse waters to the drain. This simplifies operation and eliminates environmental liability.

In addition to the antique steel finish, Birchwood Technologies offers eight other antique process options providing just the antique coloration, tone and finish needed on most metal surfaces including copper, brass, bronze, as well as nickel, silver and pewter.

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