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Two New CNC Tru Temp® Black Oxide Systems Delivered By Birchwood Technologies – Automated Process Reduces Finishing Costs Up To 75 Percent

Setting the standard for pollution-free, low temperature black oxide finishing, Birchwood Technologies announces delivery of two of its Tru Temp® CNC automated finishing lines. One system is being used for finishing motion control and power transmission components. The second is being used to finish firearm related components. Both systems employ the latest automated finishing technology for environmentally friendly, fast part finishing without the addition of labor.

"Manufacturers are striving to improve quality and lower costs without using polluting processes, and one primary area of interest is their metal finishing," reports Jesse Vouk, vice president of Birchwood Technologies. "The latest automated CNC Tru Temp system incorporates a programmable hoist that moves components through the Tru Temp 200-degree black oxide process in a 28 minute cycle from start to finish. The safe and simple process contains no EPA-regulated compounds and usually requires no waste treatment of process rinsewaters. The CNC controlled process line produces consistently high quality black oxide finishes, with minimal labor input, thereby streamlining workflow patterns and meshing smoothly with ISO and JIT programs. Capital costs are modest, with fast payback schedule."

"We are pleased with these firms' commitments to the Birchwood Technologies Tru Temp technology," stated Mr. Vouk. "They join the list of leading manufacturers who have embraced this unique technology to capitalize on the many benefits it offers."

About Birchwood Technologies: For over 50 years, the company has been an advanced developer and manufacturer of turnkey metal finishing systems and processes, including black oxide, decorative antiquing, rust preventives, cleaners and preps, and finishing equipment. These Metal Finishes protect metal surfaces from corrosion and enhance sales appeal. They are widely used on tooling, automotive parts, motion control components, decorative metalwork and manufactured components of all types.

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