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Antique Finishes Ideal For Already-Installed Components With Easy To Use Brush-On Solutions From Birchwood Technologies

Brush-On SolutionsBirchwood Technologies Brush-On Solutions create rich tones for copper, brass, bronze, steel and aluminum. Fast and easy to apply, these coatings provide attractive, decorative finishes for installed components in already finished areas. Several of the products have a Gel consistency that gives the user ultimate control over the coloring reaction while helping to eliminate undesirable staining due to runs, drips and splashing.

Antique Brown® M38 Brush-On and Antique Brown Gel

Here are two unique brush-on solutions ideal for producing an oil-rubbed bronze or leather brown finish on already installed components. Handrails, wall panels, sculpture, frames, display racks and similar components finish up with a warm, attractive coating that complements adjacent surfaces such as wood, stone, tile and glass. Applied after cleaning new or reconditioned surfaces, the reaction speed and finish color is easily controlled by simply diluting the liquid with water or adjusting the contact time with the metal.

Presto Black® BST4 Brush-On and Presto Black Gel

Time-proven for most steel components, these brush-on solutions are designed for application on any size part in limited quantities. It solves the application challenges of immersing large surfaces while producing an attractive, high quality, durable black finish. Both solutions are ideal for all types of decorative architectural components. Can be sealed easily with a rust-preventative for extra finish protection.

Antique Black M24 Brush-On and Antique Black Gel

For copper, brass and bronze parts, these products produce an attractive antique black finish in just 2 to 10 minutes following part cleaning. Color tone and depth is easily controlled by visual inspection and stopping the process by rinsing the surface with a wet sponge and allowing it to dry.

Aluma Black® A14 Brush-On

Designed just for aluminum alloys, this unique brush-on liquid provides a durable, smooth black finish. Easily applied undiluted to blacken entire parts or use as a touch-up for black anodized parts that have been damaged or re-machined. Ideal for all types of aluminum components.

All of these Birchwood Technologies’ Brush-On finishes are available in 1, 5, and 55 gallon containers ready for easy application. They can be ordered online from our secure store.