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Get Rich Oil-Rubbed Bronze And Leather Brown Finishes With New Antique Brown® Combination Immersion/Brush-On From Birchwood Technologies – Call 952-937-7931 For More Information

Antique Brown M38It's easy to produce a wide range of rich brown tones, from golden to chocolate using Birchwood Technologies' Antique Brown® M38 solution.

Antique Brown M38 is a versatile, easy process for brush-on finishing of large surfaces or for immersion finishing in batch quantities. Designed primarily for use on copper, brass and bronze, Antique Brown M38 can also be used on iron and steel substrates.

Used undiluted for brush-on work, Antique Brown M38 takes 2-4 minutes to achieve depth of color desired. For immersion tank applications, Antique Brown M38 is mixed at 20-25 percent in water for parts carried on racks, baskets or in rotating barrels, and provides excellent finish coverage similar to brush-on applications. Color intensity is controlled by contact time.

The Antique Brown M38 reaction is a bit slower than that of other finishing products in order to give the user more control to produce lighter color tones. When the desired color tone is achieved, the reaction is stopped by rinsing the metal surface with water. Once dried, the resulting finish can be highlighted or distressed, if desired, to produce attractive oil-rubbed bronze finishes or rich leather-brown tones.

Unlike most antique processes, Antique Brown M38 does not produce black coatings. This gives the user ample time during application to control the toning process and achieve a desirable level of gold or brown finish. The entire process is odorless and operates at room temperature.

Using either the brush-on or immersion application method, Antique Brown M38 operates in a very reproducible manner and provides an enduring finish that enhances aesthetic value at very low operating cost.

Birchwood Technologies Antique Brown M38 is available in 1, 5, 15 and 55 gallon containers ready for easy application.

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