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Fast Turnaround Corrosion Protection For Military Parts Like Gears, Hubs and Bearing Assemblies Using Tru Temp 190°F Black Oxide – Meets MIL-C-13924C Specification

Tru TempDefense contractors needing faster, safer corrosion protection for metal components used in tanks, trucks, machinery and tooling components will find the new Tru Temp™ black oxide finishing process the ideal new answer.

Meeting MIL-C-13924C Class 1 specification for corrosion resistance, the Tru Temp system produces a non-dimensional black magnetite finish on all iron and non-stainless steel parts. The Tru Temp 190°F Black Oxide process is an ideal substitute for dangerous hot oxides that normally operate at 290°F. Utilizing a patented two-step chemistry, power drive components, gears, hubs, spacers, bearing assemblies and similar components can be finished in just 10 to 15 minutes with corrosion protection and an attractive satin appearance.

Because the Tru Temp process contains no EPA regulated metals, there is usually no need for waste treatment in the process line - an important energy and cost saving feature. Also, the mild Tru Temp blackening solution operates at a moderate temperature that is well below the boiling point, thereby eliminating the severe splattering and boilover hazards of ordinary black oxides. Operators prefer working with this safer system and employers also derive benefits through the lowering of potential injury.

In addition to safer operating conditions, the Tru Temp system avoids the red/brown coatings and salt leaching problems commonly seen with conventional black oxides. Consequently, many operations can actually improve part quality, improve safety conditions and lower costs at the same time, by converting to Tru Temp.

To meet ramped up defense needs and just-in-time programs, an in-house Tru Temp system is a better and faster alternative to sending parts out for conventional black oxide finishing. A pre-engineered Tru Temp system can be delivered and installed quickly and is available in 100, 50, and 40 gallon sizes, with factory training of personnel. A 5 gallon BK-TT Mini-Kit line is also available for tool room scale blackening or production testing.

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