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Birchwood Technologies Announces M25 Antique Black® Multi-Metal Antiquing Concentrate

M25 Antique BlackNow there's one antiquing concentrate available for blackening and browning many different metals such as jewelry, apparel accessories, and door and window components. It's called M25 Antique Black® and it's ideal for all copper, brass & bronze alloys, as well as zinc die castings and zinc plated surfaces.

M25 Antique Black makes multi-metal finishing simple and easy. No need to resort to several different solutions for different metal surfaces. Birchwood Technologies' new M25 Antique Black does it all, producing an attractive range of brown and black finishes on both solid and electroplated surfaces. It represents a new option for finishers who work with both copper & brass and zinc alloys.

M25 Antique BlackThe M25 Antique Black concentrate is mixed with water at 10-20% for blackening or browning copper & brass alloys, and at 5-10% for blackening zinc. The product works at Room Temp and forms a tightly adherent conversion coating, with immersion times ranging from 30 seconds to about 3 minutes, depending on the depth of color desired. M25 Antique Black can be used in any size finishing operation and is easy to control by simple titration. No ventilation required. Its high coverage per gallon leads to low operating cost and consistent colors from batch to batch.

M25 Antique Black is available in 5 and 55 gallon plastic, non-returnable drums.

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