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Verdi Green Finish On Copper, Brass And Bronze Lighting Fixtures and Surfaces Created With Patina Green From Birchwood Technologies

Patina Green From Birchwood CaseyNew Patina Green™ solution produces a cost-effective finish on copper, brass and bronze surfaces. The Patina Green process is a unique formulation that forms a mixture of several different copper compounds on the metal surface, similar to that formed through the natural aging and oxidation in outdoor weathering conditions.

Birchwood Technologies Patina Green can be applied to accomplish two different styles of finishes. For bright green or mint green finishes, the Patina Green liquid can be applied directly onto a clean copper, brass or bronze surface using brush, dipping or spray. Or, for slightly muted tones that are somewhat more opaque, the Patina Green solution can be applied as a secondary treatment over the top of a brown or black colored base coat. This technique produces less reflection from the base metal and is sometimes more compatible with other surrounding materials, such as stone or wood. Complete instruction sheet provides the details of how to apply these techniques.

Available from Birchwood Technologies in 1, 5 and 55 gallon containers, Patina Green may be ordered online for immediate shipment here.

Birchwood Technologies also provides many other metal finishing options popular for the lighting industry including Nickel, Pewter and Aluminum. Application can range from high volume production with automated finishing systems to hand-applied methods.