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Zero Discharge Ion Exchange System

Ion Exchange System Keeps Rinse Waters Out of Drain Entirely!

Ion Exchange System

Designed to remove dissolved ions and solid particulate material from process rinse waters, the Birchwood Technologies Ion Exchange System allows the user to operate a variety of metal finishing processes while keeping drains at zero discharge.

The primary benefit is that the process rinse tanks can be physically disconnected from the drain.

System operation is simple and is the best option for meeting stringent sewer regulations. The Ion Exchange System removes contaminants from the rinse water and generates de-ionized water to be re-used over and over. When the first set of resin tanks is saturated, the second set is connected for uninterrupted system operation. The saturated tanks are sent out to a regeneration facility licensed to treat the waste.

The regenerated tanks are returned to the system user ready for re-use.

Existing finishing lines also can be retrofitted with Ion Exchange.

Let our experts guide you. We build complete turnkey systems to meet your needs. We'll train your operators at your facility for correct system operation. We provide continuing service after startup.

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