Coatings for Iron and Steel - Tru Temp®

Compare Tru Temp® Black Oxide to Ordinary Hot Oxide

Tru Temp® Black Oxide

Ordinary Hot Oxide

Finish Quality
Durable, Satin Black Magnetite Durable, Satin Black Magnetite
0.000020" Thick 0.000020" Thick
Mil Spec Compliant Mil Spec Compliant
No Salt Bloom Salt Bloom Common
Process Line
190°F Bath, 12-18 min process 290°F Bath, 15-50 min process
No Splatter or Boilover Constant Boilover Hazards
No Sludging Heavy Sludging
All non-stainless steels Most steels (Some Turn Red)
Cast Irons No Cast Irons (Turn Red)
Powdered Metal No Powdered Metal (Salt Bloom)
Corporate Concerns
No EPA Regulated Materials No EPA Regulated Materials
Safe to operate Scary Process
Operator Friendly Operators Hate It!
Rich Black Oxide on Iron Parts

Tru Temp Black Oxide
Rich Black on Iron Parts

Ordinary Hot Oxide

Ordinary Hot Oxide
Cast Iron Turns Red