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Sculpture And Original Artistic Metal Designs Radiate Their True Beauty When Finished With One Of Birchwood Technologies' Antiquing Options

Metal sconces, figurines, sculpture and original metal artistic creations take on a refined, elegant look and feel when finished with one of Birchwood Technologies' eight Antiquing options.

Artists, blacksmiths and designers working with metal find that the beauty of their creations is increased when finished properly. Their creation's intrinsic beauty is magnified by the finish applied. By choosing one of Birchwood Technologies' antiquing finishes, these creators can add just the right color and tone for maximum effect. Unlike other finishes including paint cover-ups, these Birchwood Technologies finishes blend into the metal substrate and enhance their overall "look and feel."

These Antique Finishes provide a full range of pleasing tones and colors on most metals including steel, brass, bronze, copper, pewter, aluminum, silver, nickel and zinc. The color tone ranges include golden to chocolate browns, muted and bright silvery black, reddish and greenish tones of every hue. The final result can be customized to the artistic creation to add a unique branding feature.

The process itself is simple requiring these fast and easy steps:
  1. Surface cleaning
  2. Water rinsing
  3. Colorization
  4. Water rinsing
  5. Highlighting and or sealing

Operator friendly, Birchwood Technologies antiquing processes use room temperature solutions that produce no fumes. The process can be operated in a manual, short-run mode or as a higher volume process line. The finishing operation can be set up as a stand-alone line or integrated into an existing line. The coloring solutions are easily tested and replenished to maintain an optimum concentration that produces consistent results from batch to batch.

Birchwood Technologies antiquing processes can be set up to produce zero discharge of rinse waters to the drain using their Ion Exchange system. This accessory simplifies operation and eliminates environmental liability.

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