FREE Sample Metal Finishing of Machined Metal Parts

Sample Metal Finishing

Manufacturers of iron, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, and other metal parts can now evaluate Birchwood Technologies finishing options with their FREE part process sampling offer.

Designed to demonstrate the quality and feasibility of specific Birchwood Technologies processes, this sampling trial gives manufacturers recommended finishes designed for their particular part application.

Interested manufacturers can send 5 to 10 unfinished parts along with the sample request form, and Birchwood Technologies will process the parts in their lab. They then provide complete process details and return the finished parts.

Test Blacken Iron And Steel Sample Parts

Widely used on many types of tooling and machine components, the TRU TEMP® low temperature black oxide process forms a durable, black magnetite finish that complies with Mil-DTL-13924 Class One, and withstands up to 120 hours of salt spray exposure when sealed with an appropriate rust preventive. The non-polluting, low temperature process is much safer and simpler to operate than the boiling 290° black oxide. Finish appearance and corrosion protection is equal to or better than the high temp method. TRU TEMP part finishing takes just 25 minutes using a simple dip-tank process, and can be installed in any production plant with factory training. For manufacturers who prefer not to work with a heated process, Birchwood Technologies also offers PRESTO BLACK room-temperature blackeners for both carbon and stainless steels.

Test Blacken Aluminum Sample Parts

Ideal for precision machined aluminum components, the LUMICLAD® electroless black oxide process forms a smooth, durable black finish that is 0.000060 inches thick (1.5 micron). This process provides a high quality method for blackening aluminum that doesn’t involve the complexities and high costs of electrolytic black anodizing. The LUMICLAD finish will not shrink hole diameters or add measurable thickness to critical surfaces. In addition, the finish is electrically conductive, which makes it an ideal material for applications requiring a chassis ground. Rinse waters for the process are easily purified and recycled by means of an ion exchange system, so nothing enters the drain. LUMICLAD part finishing takes just 30 minutes for most aluminum alloys using a simple dip-tank process.

Test Finishing Brass, Bronze, Copper, and Zinc Sample Parts

Birchwood Technologies offers a wide array of ANTIQUE BROWN and ANTIQUE BLACK finishes for applying patinas to brass, bronze, copper, and zinc parts for decorative or functional purposes. These finishes are commonly used on door hardware, fasteners, architectural or sculpture applications, and many other areas.

Test Finishing Iron and Steel Parts with Aluminum Oxide and Zinc Phosphate

Birchwood Technologies Aluminum Oxide and Zinc Phosphate processes are ideal for parts that don't require a black finish, but require a protective grey coating. All process testing is the surest way to evaluate the feasibility and quality of Birchwood Technologies metal finishing options at No Charge. The company’s professional finishing experts will turn sample parts around with recommendations within one week.

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Tru Temp® Black Oxide Finish Is Ideal For Machine Tool Components – It’s Durable, Attractive And Resists Corrosion With Many Application Benefits

TRU TEMP® Black Oxide

High value tooling such as toolholders, workholding and turret press tooling takes on an attractive, protective black oxide finish when finished with the Tru Temp low temperature, non-polluting black oxide system from Birchwood Technologies.

Extremely durable, the Tru Temp process provides a satin black magnetite coating, 20 millionths thick (0.54 micron) with no effect on component material hardness or tensile strength. Components such as gears, sprockets and couplings operate with no functional change while the finish adds substantial protection. Tests verify Tru Temp withstands up to 100 hours of neutral salt spray (ASTM B 117) or several hundred hours of humidity (ASTM D 1748).

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Antique Finishes Ideal For Already-Installed Components With Easy To Use Brush-On Solutions From Birchwood Technologies

Brush-On Solutions

Birchwood Technologies Brush-On Solutions create rich tones for copper, brass, bronze, steel and aluminum. Fast and easy to apply, these coatings provide attractive, decorative finishes for installed components in already finished areas. Several of the products have a Gel consistency that gives the user ultimate control over the coloring reaction while helping to eliminate undesirable staining due to runs, drips and splashing.

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