Antiquing Of Brass, Copper & Bronze

Antiquing of Brass, Copper & Bronze

It's been said that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", and nowhere is this more true than in the antique hardware industry. Antique finishes have long been a popular option offered by manufacturers of decorative hardware of all types, including lighting fixtures, locks, cabinet hardware, fasteners and many other decorative items. Market demand for these finishes soared in the 1970's, leading to the development of efficient production scale processing techniques. Since that time, the demand has waxed and waned with the vagaries of the market. Regardless of the popular choices of the marketplace, there will always be a demand for high quality antique finished hardware.

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Dual Coating / One Process

Tru Temp® Blackening and MicroLok® MZN Zinc Phosphate Finishing Now Available In A Single System – Operates With Near-Zero™ Water Usage

Dual Process

Birchwood Technologies announces its most efficient metal finishing system to date – a dual coating capability contained in a single process tank line. It is safe, simple and inexpensive to operate.

The process line is capable of producing two unique finishes. It produces high quality coatings using the proven Tru Temp low temperature black oxide process. In addition, the system produces fine-grained zinc phosphate coatings using the MicroLok MZN process. The dual system gives users both finishes that meet many industry requirements and finishing specifications.

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