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Birchwood Technologies introduces Presto Black® SSB Room Temperature Blackening Process For Stainless Steel

Room Temperature Blackening Process For Stainless Steel

New Presto Black® SSB room temperature Stainless Steel blackening process is an immersion or brush-on solution for most stainless steel alloys and substrates. Creating an esthetic appealing finish, Presto Black® SSB can easily be used in production finishing, for manual touch-up needs, or for distressed decorative or architectural metalworking.

Presto Black® SSB reacts quickly and produces a non-dimensional black finish in 1-3 minutes in most brush-on applications. When used in-house for volume immersion finishing, the process is best implemented with a series of tanks for cleaning, rinsing, blackening, final rinsing and applying a final topcoat sealant for long term protection. The immersion process takes only 12-15 minutes to complete a full batch of parts. Pre-engineered finishing lines in sizes suitable for most finishing requirements are available from Birchwood Technologies.

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FREE Sample Metal Finishing of Machined Metal Parts

Sample Metal Finishing

Manufacturers of iron, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, and other metal parts can now evaluate Birchwood Technologies finishing options with their FREE part process sampling offer.

Designed to demonstrate the quality and feasibility of specific Birchwood Technologies processes, this sampling trial gives manufacturers recommended finishes designed for their particular part application.

Interested manufacturers can send 5 to 10 unfinished parts along with the sample request form, and Birchwood Technologies will process the parts in their lab. They then provide complete process details and return the finished parts.

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