Birchwood Technologies Introduces BC40 Presto Black® In-House Room Temperature Finishing System.
BC40 Presto Black In-House Room Temperature Finishing System

Manufacturers evaluating taking Black Oxide finishing in-house now have a low cost and safe entry option with the Birchwood Technologies BC40 Presto Black finishing system. The seven-tank process line, with 20 minute room temperature blackening capabilities, comes complete with tank system, heaters, plumbing connections, tank lids. Adding a Birchwood Technologies preconfigured ION exchange system to purify and recycle rinse waters makes a closed-loop, zero-discharge operation and eliminates environmental concerns.

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Quart Sized Brush-On Instant Blackeners For Metals Provide Quick Fixes For Touchups or Small Scale Finishing

3 Blackeners in Quart Size

Presto Black® BST4 Brush-On
Ideal for most iron and steel components, Presto Black® BST4 Brush-On is designed for application on any size part in limited quantities.

Antique Black® M24 Brush-On
Antique Black® M24 Brush-On provides blackening or browning of brass, bronze and copper alloys.

Aluma Black® A14 Brush-On
Designed just for aluminum alloys, Aluma Black® A14 Brush-On provides a durable, smooth black finish.

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Metal finishes for iron, steel, brass, copper, bronze and nickel.

metal finishes

Birchwood Technologies has a full array of metal finishes to achieve black, brown, patina green, plus varying colors in between. We offer full immersion processes as well as a variety of brush-on liquids and gels, making it easy to achieve the finish your project requires. And we have a full line of cleaners, sealants, and rust preventives.

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Want to explore more about Black Oxide?

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Our Free Ebook on "How to Black Oxide" ferrous and non-ferrous metals in-house provides an in-depth overview of:

How to Black Oxide
  • Benefits of in-house blackening
  • Corrosion resistenance
  • Range of black oxide options
  • How to handle rinse waters
  • Finishing equipment
  • Areas of opportunity

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Want to evaluate black oxide on your parts?

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Send us 5-10 non-finished parts along with the completed sample request form. Then Birchwood Technologies will test metal finishing options and provide full details and samples.

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