Low-Temperature Black Oxide Of Ferrous Metal Gears - Enhanced Control Of Quality, Scheduling With Zero/Low Labor Costs Using The Newest Automated Process

Low-Temperature Black Oxide Of Ferrous Metal Gears

In-house black oxide finishing for gears is becoming more attractive than outsourcing for one simple reason: it offers more effective control of quality, scheduling and costs.

This article describes the latest trends in black oxide finishing and offers an in-house alternative that enhances quality, speeds shipments and lowers costs.

The True Cost Of Outsourced Black Oxide Finishing

Due to the hazardous nature of most black oxide processes, manufacturers have traditionally been forced to ship parts to an outside plant for black oxide finishing. In the process, they incur extra costs and turnaround times that make it difficult to satisfy customer shipping demands. In addition, this outsourcing requires higher in-process inventory levels and makes it impossible to have direct control over quality.

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Brush-On Presto Black® Gel, Antique Brown® Gel, and Antique Black® Gel Available From Birchwood Technologies For Coloring Furniture Components, Architectural Railings, Metal Panels, Facades And More With A Durable Finish

Brush-On Gels for Coloring Furniture Components with A Durable Finish

Designed for use on any size parts, the new Presto Black® Gel, Antique Brown® Gel, and Antique Black® Gel formulations solve the application challenges of liquid products while producing an attractive, high quality, durable darkened finish.

Presto Black Gel is ideal for most non-stainless iron and steel surfaces. Without runs or drips, any size surface in vertical or horizontal position can be converted to a beautiful and durable black finish. Simple and safe to use, Presto Black Gel is applied at room temperature. Similarly, the Antique Brown and Antique Black Gels are designed for use on brass, bronze, and copper substrates to produce attractive, durable brown/black finishes on these metals.

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