Tru Temp® Black Oxide Finish For Machine Tool Components. It’s Durable, Attractive Finish Resists Corrosion With Many Application Benefits

TRU TEMP® Black Oxide

High value tooling such as toolholders, workholding and turret press tooling takes on an attractive, protective black oxide finish when finished with the Tru Temp low temperature, non-polluting black oxide system from Birchwood Technologies.

Extremely durable, the Tru Temp process provides a satin black magnetite coating, 20 millionths thick (0.54 micron) with no effect on component material hardness or tensile strength. Components such as gears, sprockets and couplings operate with no functional change while the finish adds substantial protection. Tests verify Tru Temp withstands up to 100 hours of neutral salt spray (ASTM B 117) or several hundred hours of humidity (ASTM D 1748).

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Get A Protective Black Finish For Small Quantities Of Metal Parts Fast-And- Easy With The PRESTO BLACK® BK-1 Mini System From Birchwood Technologies

Protective Black Finish For Small Quantities Of Metal Parts

Now there’s a better way to protect small quantities of iron and steel parts from corrosion with Birchwood Technologies’ BK-1 Mini PRESTO BLACK finishing line. It’s fast, easy and economical.

The BK-1 line is an ideal low cost alternative and/or substitute for large scale finishing. This mini PRESTO BLACK room temperature blackening system for iron and steel from Birchwood Technologies is great for small production operations which require robust corrosion resistance and galling protection on critical surfaces. All types of parts, from machine components to metal stampings and more, are great candidates for this PRESTO BLACK process.

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Presto Black® Gel, Antique Black® Gel, and Antique Brown® Gels For Blackening Metal Surfaces Of Small Batches And Post Blackening Part Touch Ups

Gels for blackening metal surfaces of small part batches

Brush-on Presto Black® Gel, Antique Black® Gel, and Antique Brown® Gel are the perfect solutions for use on post processing part touchup or on manufactured metal parts not suitable for traditional processing lines. Without runs or drips parts can be quickly touched up on any surface in vertical or horizontal position.

Ideal for most metal surfaces including iron, steel, copper, brass, bronze and other metals, the Presto Black Gel, Antique Black Gel, and Antique Brown Gel are simple and safe to use. Applied at room temperature, the gel adheres to vertical surfaces and stays where applied without forming runs or drips or bleeding onto adjoining surfaces.

These new Gel finishes are the perfect solution when you can't or don't want to dip the entire part into a liquid bath container. They're great for sheet metal that needs only partial blackening, for touching up parts and for adding finish to machined components.

The Presto Black Gel, Antique Black Gel, and Antique Brown Gel chemical reaction takes only 5 to 10 minutes following surface cleaning to remove oil, oxides and welding flux. Color tone and depth is easily controlled by visual inspection and stopping the process by rinsing off with a wet sponge and sealing the finished surface. It's that easy.

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Looking to achieve oil-rubbed bronze and leather brown finishes?

Looking to achieve oil-rubbed bronze and leather brown finishes?

Antique Brown M38 is a versatile, easy process for brush-on finishing of large surfaces or for immersion finishing in batch quantities. Designed primarily for use on copper, brass and bronze, Antique Brown M38 can also be used on iron and steel substrates.

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Quart Sized Brush-On Instant Blackeners For Metals Provide Quick Fixes For Touchups or Small Scale Finishing

3 Blackeners in Quart Size

Presto Black® BST4 Brush-On
Ideal for most iron and steel components, Presto Black® BST4 Brush-On is designed for application on any size part in limited quantities.

Antique Black® M24 Brush-On
Antique Black® M24 Brush-On provides blackening or browning of brass, bronze and copper alloys.

Aluma Black® A14 Brush-On
Designed just for aluminum alloys, Aluma Black® A14 Brush-On provides a durable, smooth black finish.

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