Black Oxide Finish for Cast Iron

Blackening Finishes for Cast Iron Parts

Mid-Temperature for Cast Iron

Tru Temp® Mid-Temperature Black Oxide is an ideal conversion coating for iron castings and machined iron parts. It forms a durable, black magnetite coating that is RoHS and Mil Spec compliant. The process also avoids the reddish/black tint and white salt leaching problems commonly seen with conventional Hot Black Oxide.

Types of components and industries include:

• Tools
• Cylinders
• Brakes
• Castings
• Gear boxes
• Oil Field
• Mining
• Defense
• Construction
• Agriculture
• Off-Highway
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A non-dimensional Presto Black oxide finish is a low cost way to achieve good corrosion protection and enhance sales appeal. With a uniform 0.000030 inch (1 micron) thickness, the porous crystalline structure of the black finish makes it an excellent absorbent base for a rust preventive top coat. Once sealed, the Presto Black oxide finish resists up to 1,200 hours humidity test without chipping or peeling.

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