Coatings for Iron and Steel - Presto Black®

Introducing the Presto Black® Cold Blackening System

A new non-polluting option for achieving your parts finishing objectives with a rapid payback - often in as little as 3 -9 months.

Why Blacken Ferrous Metals?

A non-dimensional Presto Black finish is a low cost way to achieve good corrosion protection and enhance sales appeal. With a uniform .000030 inch (1 micron) thickness, the porous crystalline structure of the black finish makes it an excellent absorbent base for a rust preventive top coat. Once sealed, the Presto Black finish resists up to 1,200 hours humidity test without chipping or peeling.

Professional Factory Support

Mild solutions with no hazardous fumes make the Presto Black System easy and safe to work with. Your operators and managers quickly become comfortable with the system's simple operation and maintenance. No previous experience necessary - our factory experts are available to design and size the best system for your needs as well as train your operators and provide ongoing support.

Zero Drain Pollution

This is a phrase your Company's top management likes to hear because it means zero environmental liability. The Birchwood Technologies Ion Exchange System cleans and purifies the process rinse waters so they can be re-used rather than sent to the drains. Once available to large companies only, this technology is now routinely utilized on process lines of all sizes, with excellent success.

Rapid Payback of Capital Outlay

As little as 3-9 months in many cases. Sending parts outside for black oxide is a time-consuming operation with many hidden costs. Our cost comparison helps you identify and quantify these costs and compare them with the low operating cost of the Presto Black System. The financial justification of in-house blackening is easier than you may think!

Sample Blackening - No Charge

See what the Presto Black finish can do for your product. We'll blacken samples at no charge and return them with recommendations. Call 1.800.328.6156