Rust Preventives

Rust Preventives - Water-Based Products

Sheath® WS12

Sheath® WS12 Soluble Oil

Water based, No Flash Point

A water dilutable oil that forms a slightly oily protective film. Used at 130° F to promote fast drying, this product works very well on bulk-processed parts, such as barrel coated hand tools, fasteners, etc. Very low operating cost and easy of operation make this product the material of choice for plating shops or other high volume process lines. Non-flammable. [Buy Online]

Satin Shield® SS10

Satin Shield® SS10 Clear Acrylic Sealant

Water based, No Flash Point

An acrylic polymer emulsion that forms a smooth, Satin-gloss dry finish with a film thickness of about 0.0002”. For applications requiring excellent appearance for sales appeal or retail sale. The finish has a pleasing Satin gloss with no ruboff residue, making it compatible with retail packaging or useful on parts that need clean handling properties. Can be applied in a heated dipping tank to speed drying. [Buy Online]


ClearLok® Clear Urethane Sealant

Water based, No Flash Point

A heavy-duty, urethane polymer sealant that forms a hard, glossy protective film that stands up to scuffing, wear and handling. Dries quickly with no odor. The urethane polymers add hardness and durability, with a dry film thickness of about 0.0002". [Buy Online]

ClearLok® Max Polymer Sealant

Water based, No Flash Point

A water emulsion blend of acrylic polymers and rust inhibitors that forms a clear protective coating on all metal surfaces. The dried finish is a durable, scratch resistant coating with good corrosion resistance. [Buy Online]