Black Oxide for Stainless Steel

Blackening Finishes for Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

As a brush-on, Presto Black® SSB Black Oxide for stainless steel is used as is and reacts quickly to produce a non-dimensional black finish in approximately 1 – 3 minutes. The finish can be sealed with a protective oil and is suitable for use on precision tooling or machine components. Or, using an abrasive pad, working in the solution and highlighting, a distressed or antiqued type of finish can be produced for decorative or architectural metal works.

For manual, brush-on or sprayer application such as architectural finishing, antique sculpture work or scratch repair work, Presto Black® SSB is applied using a brush-on applicator technique or for larger surface areas a pump sprayer can be deployed. All workpieces must be thoroughly cleaned of oil and excess scale before blackening. Reaction stop is also necessary and facilitated with a water rinse and forced air drying with compressed air, and then a final top coat sealant should be applied. Multiple applications of black oxide for stainless steel may be required to achieve the desired grey/black finish. Have questions about how our black oxide for stainless steel can benefit your company? Contact us at 952.937.7931 to talk to an expert today!

Presto Black® SSB

Liquid Concentrate to produce a black patina on Stainless Steel

Supplied as a liquid, the SSB is a versatile solution that is used as a brush-on blackening solution.

Presto Black Stainless Steel


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